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Crash test dummy using driver airbag Posted in: In The Know

How Safe Is Your Old Car?

Posted on 7th Aug 2023 by CarTakeBack

You’d assume a brand new car would knock the safety socks off a model that was at the end of its life. We decided to see how big the gap is and compare the safety features of an old car vs a new car…

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Global Recycling with world map and recycling symbol Posted in: In The Know

Recycling Facts and Stats from Around the World

Posted on 14th Mar 2023 by CarTakeBack

As we near the exhaustion of natural resources, billions of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill across the globe – the simple solution is recycling. We’ve complied some fascinating stats from around the world…

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Woman wearing sunglasses and a sunhat driving Posted in: In The Know

Top 10 Tips For Driving In The Heat

Posted on 22nd Feb 2023 by CarTakeBack

Driving in a hot vehicle isn’t fun and your car doesn’t like it much either! Here’s our top tips for summer driving…

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Top tips to pass your driving test - illustration of a car at a junction with road signs saying pass and fail Posted in: In The Know

How to Pass Your Driving Test

Posted on 26th Jul 2022 by Liz Jacques

We look at the top ten reasons for driving test failures and how learner drivers can avoid making those mistakes! Here’s how to pass your driving test with flying colours…

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Posted in: In The Know

How To Save On Your Car Insurance

Posted on 7th Jun 2022 by Liz Jacques

With all life’s expenses increasing at the moment, making sure you get a good deal on your car insurance has never been more important! Here’s our Superb Saver Seven on how to reduce your premiums…

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Car and signpost with one pointing to good, the other to bad Posted in: In The Know

What Makes a Good Driver

Posted on 5th May 2022 by Liz Jacques

What makes a good driver? Someone who passed their test on the first attempt, or can beat anyone off the lights? We answer that question with the top 10 attributes of a genuinely good driver…

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EV charging points Posted in: In The Know

Are Costs and Charging Putting You Off an Electric Car

Posted on 22nd Apr 2022 by CarTakeBack

While most of us are happy to hear about the progression of ‘clean’ transport, there are still some significant practical reservations about electric vehicles, we’re tackling cost and charging…

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EV plugged in charging at the side of a road Posted in: In The Know

Are You Onboard With Electric Cars

Posted on 16th Mar 2022 by CarTakeBack

We’re all aware of the positives of electric cars, but many of you still have serious concerns – we’re here to keep you in the know and tackle the myths surrounding EV tech…

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