Do You Believe These Car Myths

Posted on 23rd Nov 2018 by CarTakeBack Posted in: In The Know

It’s easy to find out information on the internet, but not everything can be true! We take a look at some of the car and driving related myths that are out there and you may well believe, until we give you the facts, some of them surprised a few of the team in the office too!

6 Driving Myths Busted

Myth – Steel is stronger than aluminium to make cars

Is steel safer than aluminium?

Not in the case of making vehicles. As we know aluminium weighs less that steel, but to ensure safety, vehicle manufacturers will use more aluminium to build up the thickness because of the density. So, an aluminium body is actually safer because it absorbs energy and has larger crush zones. Obviously, the type of materials used alone, don’t immediately make vehicles safe, the safety is also reliant on how a vehicle has been designed and built.

Myth – SUVs are safer than smaller cars

Are SUVs safer than small cars?

Not always, there’s a misconception that bigger cars are usually safer. This myth may explain why SUVs have become popular with families, as safety is a priority to protect young children. SUVs can actually have a higher risk to other drivers and pedestrians because of the size of the vehicle. All modern vehicles are now fitted with some sort of safety features such as airbags, alarms and driver-assist technology, so the passenger and driver safety is comparable. If you’re looking for a new car, we advise researching vehicle crash ratings and finding out what safety features the car has before buying.

Family holding hands and walking, behind is an SUV parked

Myth – Electric cars will catch fire

Are electric cars more likely to catch fire?

No, electric vehicles aren’t more likely to catch fire than petrol or diesel ones. Petrol and diesel powered cars are actually more likely to catch fire than an electric one, as there are a lot more flammable chemicals involved in running them. But don’t worry, the chance is still very, very small of an EV catching fire!

Myth – Hybrid vehicles are slow

Are hybrids as slow as you might think?

No, not now they aren’t! When hybrids were first released they were in fact slower than cars that had combustion engines, but recently this has changed and there are now even some hybrid models that are more powerful than the regular cars! You just need to take a look at the BMW 330e iPerformance, the Volkswagen Golf GTE and the Lexus LC.

Volvo hybrid cars parked on a rooftop car park

Image Credit: Volvo

Myth – Premium fuel is always better

Does premium fuel cause your car to run better?

No, higher octane fuel isn’t any cleaner or purer than regular grade fuel. It works well for more powerful, high performance cars as it’s less combustible, but it won’t have an effect on the everyday vehicle. So if your car doesn’t require premium fuel, then save your pennies and use regular fuel!

Myth – Manual cars are more fuel efficient than automatic ones

Do manual cars offer better fuel economy than automatic cars?

Not in newer vehicles, with new technology on the market, the modern automatic gearbox and its endless range of gear ratios usually matches manual transmissions for fuel economy.

Photo of an automatic gear stick

If you believed these myths then don’t worry, lots of people do. If you are unsure if something you hear about your car, or one you are looking at buying is correct or not, do a little research, or ask your mechanic or car dealer.

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