How To Get The Best Price For Your Scrap Car

Posted on 1st Feb 2019 by CarTakeBack Posted in: In The Know

Make sure you get the top price for your scrap car

No matter what condition your old car is in, you’ll usually be able get money for selling and scrapping it. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the highest price when you’re ready to scrap your car.

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Don’t leave it too long to scrap your car

Some owners are reluctant to sell their scrap car right away for several reasons. They might plan on restoring it one day when they have more time and money; perhaps it’s got a few miles left in it despite its unreliability, so it’s stored as a backup car.

Whatever the reason for holding onto your unused car, waiting too long to scrap will only devalue your old car.

The most valuable parts of a car are the components that degenerate the fastest. Over time, these elements can rust or break, making them no longer reusable and worth far less to the scrap buyer.

Don’t remove any parts

Considering car parts are the most valuable part of your vehicle, you’ll get the best price for your scrap vehicle when it’s not missing components.

When your car contains reusable parts such as tyres, engines, water pumps, alternators, these items can be removed, repaired if necessary and re-sold, increasing the price a buyer is willing to pay.

Compare buyers

Scrap car buyers all have different reasons for purchasing your car, offering different prices. Compare quotes in your local area to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your used or scrap car.

Ringing around local scrap car dealers for quotes can be a frustrating and time-consuming. At CarTakeBack, we ensure the comparison process is as quick and easy as possible for you. Simply enter your car details, and local CarTakeBack wreckers in the area will compete to offer you the best price. This will instantly appear on-screen and you can guarantee you’ve received the top price available in your local area, without the hassle.

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Make sure you get your car registration refund if you’re eligible

Don’t miss out on getting a refund from your car registration.

When you scrap your car and cancel the vehicle registration, check with your local state government if you are eligible for a refund for any unused part of the registration.

Use a service with car collection

Getting your car to a scrap car recycling centre can be a hassle, costing you time and money. Plus, it’s also not the ideal solution if your car isn’t working or isn’t insured.

Here at CarTakeBack, we offer convenient car collection. Have your car picked up from work, home or wherever suits you.

Sell your car at the right time

Sell your car for scrap when it has the highest possible value. Scrap car values fluctuate regularly, but you can track and check the latest prices with our Scrap Car Price Updates. Following this will help you to sell your scrap car at the best time and get the highest price for it.

Here at CarTakeBack, we guarantee your quote for 7 days. This means that while you’re considering the offer and the prices slump, we’ll still pay the original quoted price within those 7 days.

Get a fixed, guaranteed quote – avoiding hidden fees

Beware that less reputable companies may appear to offer a great price but could have many hidden fees – watch out!

Make sure that the price you’re offered on your quote, is the price you’re guaranteed to get for your car. Check on the site or with the service that you won’t need to negotiate a new price when you drop off your car or they collect it.

Here at CarTakeBack, we guarantee your quote for 7 days!

Get a free, online quote today

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