2023 Scrap Car Price Review

Posted on 20th Dec 2023 by CarTakeBack Posted in: Latest News

We’re happy to report this year has seen a steady increase in scrap car prices and the overall average price for 2023 comes in at $560.

2023 Average scrap price is $560

2023 Scrap car prices

The graph below clearly shows the overall increase in prices over the year and paints a positive picture of 2023, even more so when you consider the bottom line is $510! In fact, the average scrap car price hasn’t dropped below $500 since October 2021 and although there has been much fluctuation throughout 2022 and 2023, to maintain prices at this level is remarkable.

The average scrap car value in 2022 was $546. This year the overall average has increased by 2.6%, to a value of €560.

We are delighted we are able to offer customers the consistently high prices the Australian market has seen since the last significant increase during 2021 and hope the strong worldwide demand for scrap metal maintains into 2024.

Graph showing AU 2023 average scrap car prices

As we always make clear, as well as the global demand for scrap metals, the average value of a scrap car is influenced by factors such as reusable parts, the make, model, age, weight, condition, and even location of your car. All these factors change over time and as we head into 2024 we can’t be sure how figures will change.

So, onto the fun data!

Top cars scrapped in 2023

The average age of a scrapped car in 2023 was 18.2 years and that has gone unchanged from 2022! Globally we are seeing trends of people holding onto their cars for longer, so even though Australia has a relatively old fleet we may see this average age increase further over 2024.

2023 AU Scrap Car Review

Make and Model

CarTakeBack recycling centres scrapped more Holdens in 2023 than any other makes, with Toyota and Ford in second and third positions respectively. We also saw a majority of petrol cars ready to scrap.

The top five models scrapped in 2023 were the Holden Commodore, Vauxhall Astra, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry and the Holden Cruze. As you would imagine, 18 years ago these models were outstripping the sales of other cars, particularly the Holden Commodore, which of course explains its high numbers now ready for recycling.

What is the current scrap value of your car?

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