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Time to recycle your car? CarTakeBack finds you the best scrap car recycling prices, instantly! We just need to know what type of car you have and your postcode. We’ll show you the prices on offer at our scrap car recycling centres in your area, no need to wait for an email or call, it’s instant! Plus it’s free to get a valuation and our quote is valid for seven days. You can get a valuation using our online form or by calling our Customer Services Team who’ll be able to give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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Local scrap car recycling centres

CarTakeBack make it easy to get rid of your car for recycling. We have local scrap car recycling centres across Australia, but there’s no need to worry about getting your car to a wrecker, we’ll collect from you! Your car can be collected from wherever is best, home, work, a garage, at a time to suit you. Accept a quote today and we’ll get in touch to make the arrangements.

We recycle all types of cars

You can recycle your car no matter what condition it is in. If your car is broken, damaged, old, has high mileage or is faulty, you can sell it to a local wrecker for recycling.

Why choose CarTakeBack?


Trusted Service

Thousands of happy customers and an expert Customer Service team

Local Wreckers

Scrap car wreckers in your area ready to responsibly recycle your car

Best Prices

Instant cash quotes given for your scrap car with minimal info needed

Free Collection

Arrange to have your scrap car collected at a time to suit you

How to recycle a car

Recycling cars has numerous processes, including detonating airbags, removing any hazardous materials including fluids, oils, batteries and tyres, which would cause serious environmental damage if they ended up down the drain or in landfill. Parts may be removed and reused to get the most out of them. As much of the scrap car as possible is separated for recycling, such as the metal, glass and plastics.

With CarTakeBack your car will be responsibly recycled at one of our scrap car recycling centres. Reusing any parts, recycling metals and ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

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Find out how much you can get for your scrap car

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